Our Services (Challenger Tours and Travel) are dependable, reliable and efficient - thus earning us reputable recommendations the world over. Our services are competitively priced to give the best satisfaction for your money.
Clients we have handled have always recommended us to others. We believe you will want to work with us as much as you have many choices for assistance in planning your trip to East Africa because we offer the following which many do not. To International Tour Agents this a great opportunity to work with us since all agents whom we act as ground handlers have no regrets.

Challenger tour and travel is one of the most trusted tours and Travel Company in Uganda offering the most thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Personal Service in approach

On all destinations we guarantee excellence of service in our area of expertise. You can be rest assured that we are dealing in what we know and what we do best. Our mission is the provision of quality services to our clients while conserving the rich flora and fauna so abundantly for the future generation. Our team's mission is to satisfy each client or group in an individual way, by offering them not just a pre-set package off the shelf but rather unique adventure and safari activities in our region.

Client consultative Tour Package

We take the time to discuss your interests, travel style, budget, and timeframe - all the factors that can influence your trip - to ensure we suggest a tour that's just right for you.

Expertise and Know how

Our staff have been to many different safari camps, lodges, and hotels throughout East Africa. With collective experience in the tour industry we know that we have to keep our ears and eyes open for news and updates. There is no better substitute than firsthand knowledge when it comes to designing your tour.

Timely and flexibility in response

Your time is valuable and we are committed to using it effectively. Therefore, our goal is a 24-hour response time to your inquiry. Continually we update you on the status of your request, keeping you informed with a keen attention to detail and efficiency - while retaining our creativity and flexibility.