chimpanzees kibale

Also known as primatologist’s dream situated east of the Rwenzori between the Mubende and Fort portal the landscape is pocked with beautiful crater lakes and carpeted with tea plantations and tropical forests of Kibale national park hosts more than 1,000 chimpanzees of which one 80 strong community has been habituated to tourist visits and a half dozen readily observed monkey species including acrobatic red colobus, black and white colobus the handsome L’Hoests monkey with also 355 bird species including white-rapped pigeon, Green-breasted pitta.

District: Kabarole

Size: 560km sq

Elevation: 1110-1590m

Habitat: The forested section (77%) of the park is covered by medium altitude moist evergreen forest in the north and medium altitude moist semi-deciduous forest at lower altitudes in the south. The remaining 23% consists of grassland, swamps and some plantations with exotic conifers

Status: National Park since 1993