Mountain Elgon which is the fourth highest mountain in East Africa, (locally known as Masaba) is found in the Eastern part of Uganda around 238km on the Kampala-Jinja Highway through Mbale town to Kapchorwa. the mountain borders Uganda in the east and to the west in is an extinct volcano reaching 4321m high the park has magnificent waterfalls, caves, gorges, and is also excellent for hiking there are no major technical climbing skills required and all major peaks are accessible to hikers the full trekking circuit takes 4-5days but 3days hikes are also available . The mountain has two main trails, the Piswa and the Sasatrails.Hiking is more recommended in the dry season (June - August or December - February-although the weather today can be un-predictable), porters, guides and park rangers are always recommended.

The Park boasts of animals like Buffalos, Duikers, Tree hyrax and leopards. Elephants have been sighted in the park coming in from Kenya. There are also lots of primates found there.

Another attraction near Mountain Elgon is the Sipi Waterfalls which lie on the edge of the mountain.