m falls

Uganda’s largest Park covering 5072km situated north of masindi 350kms from kampala (5hr drive) it was named after the Nile’s dramatic plunge through a narrow cleft in the rift valley scarp and over a 40-metre drop. In the eastern sector of the Park before the Murchison Falls themselves, are the karuma Falls where the Nile cascades over a breathtaking 23km of rapids.

Boats trips operate from Paraa to the foot of Murchion Falls and take around 3hours.This enables you to see hippos, crocodiles, magnificent birdlife. On the banks, prolific wildlife include elephant ,hippopotamus ,lion , giraffe, buffalo and countless antelopes and birds can be observed.

There are also nature walks to the top of the falls and at Kaniyo pabidi where you can trek chimpanzees in Budongo forest. Kaniyo Pabidi is on the Masindi-paraa Rd 8kms from kihumbanyobo(main park gate)

CLIMATE : The nile side below Murchison Falls is the lowest parks of Uganda & temperatures are hot with a mean high of 29°C (80°F) . Wet seasons occur during mid March- June and August – September.

CULTURAL SITE : Hoima town, south of the park contains three cultural attractios related to the Bunyoro kingdom . Mparo Tombs, Hoima palace and katasiha Fort. North-west of Hoima, Salt has been produced beside Lake Albert at kibero salt Gardens and hot springs since the 13th Century.

DISTRICT: Masindi and Gulu

SIZE: 3840 km sq

ELEVATION: 619 – 1292 m

HABITANT: Ironwood forest, riverine forest, dry and moist woodlands with grassy understorey, Borassus palm savanna with termitara, papyrus swamps, lakes and rivers .

STATUS: National Park Since 1952.