Bird Watching in Entebbe, Mabamba, Mabira and Lake Mburo

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6 Days Bird Watching Holiday in several environments including forests, swamps and savanna grasslands.

This 6 days safari starts and ends in Kampala. This safari takes you through different birding destinations in Uganda. The Entebbe environments hide a variety of swamp/wetland birds as well as water birds that can be seen around the shores of Lake Victoria and the neighboring wetlands. The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre also gives you the chance to see a number of birds which include Ostriches (Struthiocamelus), the crested crane, African grey parrots, Helmeted guinea fowl, the beautiful peacock, Egyptian goose among others.
The safari will later take you to Mabamba swamp, the large accessible wetland where the rare shoebill stork can easily be seen as well as a number of other bird species. The Mabira forest found in Mukono district supports over 300 bird species many of which are difficult to see else where in Uganda. these birds include the Tit Hylia, Forest Ribbons, Snowy headed Robin-Chat, white Flycatcher, Grey capped warbler, Black and Dusky Tit and common Wattle Eye. The safari will further take you to Lake Mburo National park; another birding haven where different water and acacia associated birds can be seen. This small savanna national park also supports a number of animals which include sitatunga, bush duikers, buffaloes, hippos, warthogs among others.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Birding in the Entebbe & its environments
Our safari guide will pick you from your hotel and drive you to Entebbe. Early search for birds from Garuga and other areas around Lake Victoria-Africa’s largest lake! On the search look out for Blue Monarch, Brown Twin Spots, Fain tailed Widow bird, Moustached Warbler, White headed Barbets, Black headed Gonolek, Striped Kingfisher, African Pied hornbill, Diederik’s Cuckoo, Black Bishop, among others. Have lunch at Entebbe town and then connect to Uganda Wildlife Education centre, a home to captive animals. The educational-intergenerational centre has got over 250 species of birds which include the rare shoebill stork, parrots, ostriches, and seven species of weavers, such as the rare Northern Masked Weaver and Orange Weaver, among others. Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Birding in the Mabamba swamps
After an early breakfast have a transfer to Mabamba Swamp, which are located 15 km west of Entebbe and 50 Kms west of Kampala. Listed as one of the Important Bird Areas, Mabambaharbours an excellent selection of water-associated species. From a boat ride you will be able to get to locate the rare shoebills in just a few minutes! Expect seeing; pygmy goose, the Allen’s Gallinule, lesser jacana, the Papyrus Gonolek, gull-billed tern, Purple Gallinule (swamp hen), blue breasted bee-eater, White winged Warbler, Northern Brown throated Weaver and Weyn’s Weaver, Grey herons, Squacco, Goliath, Purple, a variety of egrets, African Water Rail and ducks. Apart from birds sitatungas can also be seen from Mabamba. Return to Kampala for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Birding in the Mabira forest & the excursion tothe Source of the Nile
After breakfast drive towards Jinja, the oldest Industrial town in Uganda. Along Kampala-Jinja road, have a stopover at Mabira Forest, the biggest remaining tropical rainforest in the Central region. Take a short walk through the forest. Mabira forest supports over 300 bird species including the Tit Hylia which cannot be found elsewhere in Uganda! Other birds species that can be seen include Little Olive, Yellow whiskered Greenbul, Blue throated brown, Red headed Malimbe, olive bellied Buff spotted Woodpecker, speckle breasted Woodpecker, Black throated Apalis, African blue Flycatcher and Grey-crowned Negro finch. Forest Ribbon, Snowy headed Robin-Chat, Purple headed Starling, Grey capped warbler, Blue breasted Kingfisher, Black and white Flycatcher, Grey spotted Woodpecker, Dusky Tit and common Wattle, Leaf love, among others. Have lunch in Jinja and later visit the Source of the Nile and the Bujagali falls. Return to Kampala arriving late in the evening.

Day 4: Kampala – Lake Mburo National Park
After an early breakfast we shall drive to Lake Mburo national park located in the southern part of Uganda. This drive towards the southwest takes around 4 hours. From Lake Mburo national park expect seeing the Crested Francolin, Greater Blue Eared Starling, Bare faced Go-Away bird, Emerald spotted Wood Dove, Common Scimitar bill, Green Wood Hoopoe, Lilac breasted Roller, Spot-Flanked Barbet, Trilling Cisticola, African Grey Hornbill, Northern Black Tit and Brown Parrot among others. After lunch, we shall take on an evening game drive to different parts of the park. Apart from birds other animals that can be seen while on the drive include zebras, antelopes, buffaloes, warthogs, topis among others. Dinner and Overnight at Mantana Tented camp/a preferred hotel in Mbarara

Day 5: Lake MburoNatioanal Park
After breakfast, we shall take on an early morning game drive through the park after which we will go for a guided nature walk. The foot safari in Lake Mburo is quite wonderful and adventurous. From the walk, you may see different species of wetlands and savannah birds, impalas and sitatungas. Take on a boat ride on the famous lake Mburo from which you will see different birds either fishing or resting at the shores of the lakes. After lunch take on an evening game drive along the Zebra Track which is rich in birdlife. From this trail expect seeing birds such as Temmricks Courser, Rufous Chested Swallow, Coqui Francolin, African Wattled Plover, Rufous napped, Black Bellied Bustard and Flappet Lark, among others. Return to your Lodge/Hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Birding and Wildlife Safari in Lake Mburo National Park
Take on an early morning game drive along the Lakeside Track, to see different water birds and swamp birds such as Papyrus Yellow Warbler, White Winged Warbler, Great Swamp Warbler and the Papyrus Gonolek among others. Proceed to your Lodge/Hotel for breakfast. Check out of the hotel and return to Kampala after lunch. Have a stopover at the equator to take some memorable photos at the imaginary line that divide the world into the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. Arrive at Kampala late in the evening.

End of this Safari